AUGUST 14, 2017 - AUGUST 12, 2018

Ministry Experience.
Biblical Essentials.
Leadership Opportunities.

What if you could accelerate your ministry experience with a focused, intentional season of hands-on ministry right here in Tulsa, OK at Church on the Move? 

NEXT is a one-year internship program created for that very purpose. We want to provide practical ministry experience, essential biblical principles, and invaluable leadership opportunities to young leaders.

You won’t be sitting in a classroom for your NEXT internship. You’ll get firsthand experience working right alongside our team and access to seasoned ministry leaders. You won’t be here to just stand in the shadows and watch. After a year you’ll be amazed at how much you accomplished and the experience you gained. We believe the training you’ll receive will be well worth the investment of your time, energy, and passion.

This year, we’re offering a variety of internships for you to consider.

Internship Areas

Creative Team

As a Creative Team intern, you will be part of the team that crafts the weekend worship services. Learn the art of architecting a worship service that uses music, story, and art to bring people face-to-face with God. Be part of the creative process as you brainstorm, write, and develop ideas. Learn to do the work of not only using creativity to share a message, but also having a clear understanding of the “how” and “why” behind the message that you're communicating. This is not just about creativity and skills training. You will be developed as a leader, while growing as a Christ-follower. 


If you pay attention to the world around you, then you know the power behind dynamic visual design. A Design internship at Church on the Move is a great opportunity to take your creative talent and solve problems that matter. As a Design intern, you’ll work alongside seasoned professionals, learning your craft while growing in your faith and leadership skills. Your talents and skills will be stretched each week, and your “wins” will be evident in the life change you’ll see every weekend. You’ll get to touch everything from print work, to interactive pieces, to environmental design… the opportunities are everywhere.

Next Generation Ministry

In the Next Gen department of Church on the Move, we embrace, guide, engage, affirm, and mobilize kids from newborn to high school. As a part of the team, our goal is to disciple, develop, and disrupt you. We will disciple you by helping you become the spiritual leader God has called you to be and to grow in your walk with Him. We will develop you to become an effective leader by stretching your creative skills and helping you to become a creative problem-solver and a good steward of your time and resources. We will disrupt your preconceived ideas of what an internship is about and challenge you to live outside of your comfort zone. This isn’t your average, hum-drum, everyday, ordinary internship. We won’t ask you to pick up our dry cleaning or run and get our morning coffee every day. We are talking real hands-on training with real leadership opportunities.

Some of the areas of this internship include pastoral training, the creative process (video, graphic design, writing, etc.), production, worship, administration, and leading volunteers.


In this internship you will work alongside our Love Your Neighbor missions and outreach team to equip and lead people from Church on the Move into ministry opportunities outside the walls of our church. From planning the details of upcoming mission trips to leading local outreaches in our city, you will experience what it takes to do ministry in any part of the world. You will learn the most effective ways to reach different cultures as well as how to inspire people to serve with purpose and balance.


During this internship, you'll work alongside seasoned production professionals to help hone your craft while actually doing it – not just talking about it. You'll discover what it really takes to operate and maintain multiple full-service venues across several campuses. Additionally, you'll learn how ingenuity, organization, and efficiency can work hand-in-hand with the creative process to bring live events to life.

Prepare to learn, grow, and lead as you find out what it means to truly be a part of a team all working towards the same end result.

Social Media & Communications

Church on the Move exists to lead people into a life-changing, spirit-empowered relationship with Jesus. More than 1.5 billion people are on Facebook worldwide. The average person spends 2.6 hours a day on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Our social media ministry gives us opportunities to reach people anytime, anywhere right where they are. 

Learn our social media philosophy and gain key firsthand communications experience this year. Work with photography teams, help us reach new followers, learn copywriting skills, and develop content strategies. If you have a heart to reach people with the Gospel through social media, apply for our Social Media & Communications internship today.


As a Video Team intern, you will work directly alongside our team of visual storytellers. Each week, you’ll be part of creating stories, promos, and thematic videos used in weekend worship services and on social media. Develop your skills in creative development, pre-production, cinematography, lighting, editing, and motion graphics, while getting to experience life in full-time ministry. This is not just about skills training. You will be developed in leadership and creativity, while growing in your walk with God. 

Web Development

PHP? HTML5? JavaScript? Are we speaking your language? We’re looking for web developers that want to solve technical problems with creative code. As a Web Development intern you’ll work on websites and applications that touch every aspect of the ministry, from weekend services to global outreach. Our code impacts lives for Christ and whether you want to learn code artistry (frontend development) or code architecture (backend development), we have opportunities for both! While having a good understanding of code is helpful, we’re looking for interns that are willing to learn. You'll work side by side with our experienced developers to help you grow in your skills, leadership, and faith.


Is music your thing? If so, we may have a spot for you in our worship internship program. You’ll have the opportunity to play, sing, lead, create, and most importantly, learn what it takes to bring people face-to-face with God through worship.

We encourage anyone from ages 18–24 to apply for NEXT and there are no educational requirements. 



We encourage anyone from ages 18-24 to apply.


This is a volunteer internship program. Interns are not employees or independent contractors. No wages, insurance, or other compensatory benefits will be provided.


This internship is a tuition-free program. You simply give us your time and a great attitude.


In most cases you will be able to have a part-time job while participating in our internship program. We do not, however, provide the part-time job.


Your internship responsibilities will require transportation.


No, but come with a willingness to learn.


Our average work week is 40 hours, which may include working weekend services, depending on the internship. For big events or special projects, we put in extra hours as needed. All requests for time off will be approved on an individual basis.

You will also be required to attend a weekly Biblical Leadership Class on Thursday evenings where you will learn more about leadership, Biblical theology, and navigating relationships in a small group setting. 


Housing is not provided.


The 2017-2018 term will last from August 14, 2017, until August 12, 2018, and will include holiday breaks for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 


This is not the case for most of our participants, but there may be exceptions. We are not necessarily looking to recruit and hire new Church on the Move employees. Our goal is to train and equip you for whatever God is leading you to do next.